Georgia Counseling Center Adult Services


Services for Adults:

Individual Therapy, Parenting Sessions, Family Therapy, Anger Management Assessment, Violence Assessment, Anger Management Treatment, Marital/Relationship Counseling, Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment, Family Assessment, Psychological Assessment, Intelligence Assessment 

The program provides comprehensive treatment for individuals and families impacted by depression, addiction, anger issues, anxiety, grief, psychological disorders, personality disorders, sexual issues, family conflict, communication issues, marital issues, parenting Issues,  sexual Addiction, oppositional and defiant behavior, general psychological issues. 

Types of Treatments for Adults

The following are components of treatment: Anger Management, Behavior Adjustment, Life Coaching, and General Psychological Therapy.

Addiction Assessment and Treatment, Sex Offender Treatment Program, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Assessment, Substance Abuse Treatment, Sexual Issues (including inappropriate sexual conduct), Psychological Evaluation, Spiritual Direction and Counsel 

Georgia Counseling Center Adult Treatments